Important Issues

The issue of the Trump administration colluding with Russia has been at the forefront of most news, and rightly so, persistently. However, in order to focus on the issues that effect people I want to remind everyone of the issues that face the majority of people in our nation.


Obamacare (the affordable care act) is in trouble. Many counties across the nation face the very real possibility of having no carriers available to them in the next 2 years. However, Trumpcare threatens to strip healthcare from over 20 million Americans. People that have illnesses that are life threatening that could die by the thousands according to the CBO estimates and several studies. So we are left wondering the correct path forward. A single payer healthcare system is the answer. A large number of countries already use this system (see the map below) and it is not only working, but saving the people and the countries that use it, money. It not only makes moral sense to provide healthcare to every American citizen. It also makes fiscal sense to save the nation, and its people, money. But it further makes national sense, that we are not left behind on an issue that has been proven to work for decades by other nations. We should not be paying 4 to 10 times the amount of money for the same medications or procedures that other nations pay.



I have met and spoken to many people that are frustrated in regards to their economic standing. Many people are still not making as much as they were before the recession. It is unfair to continue to place the burden of economic recovery on the working class. The last federal minimum wage increase was in 2009, and since then we have seen rate increases by the FED and heard politicians talking about the nation as if we have recovered, while millions are left in a worse position than they were almost a decade ago. In order to correct this, we have to increase the minimum wage, nationally, to a living wage. In no state, is it possible to live on today's minimum wage. In most cases people must make 70 to 130 hours a week on minimum wage to support themselves with the simple issue of having a roof over their head (see hours map below). It is imperative that we correct this problem by increasing our national minimum wage to allow the simple task of affording a place to live to any full time worker.


Tax reform

Tax holidays, tax loopholes, corporate inversion, and many other practices have created a problem with our nations budget that has been unresolved for decades. During the Bill Clinton administration was the last time we saw a balanced budget. In order to fix this problem, we have to end the practices that allow the top 1% to avoid paying their fair share. This includes ending the previously mentioned practices and adjusting the tax rates that will not only recover the budget, but the economy as well. I have a proposed tax rate plan that when combined with reform which closes the loopholes used by the super rich, will recover our economy and solve our budget problems.


Environment and energy

The long proliferation of our environment for the sake of greed and the inability to adapt to change and new technology because it might take a little investing and work to begin with, is unacceptable. Big pollution based companies lobby and give millions of dollars to prevent the shift to renewable energy that has proven would not only be more profitable, and effective, but, would help our environment and reduce the poisons that are put into our air and water. To correct this problem, I have been speaking to people and gaining their input on a government program that pays for the training and financial support for the worker and their family during that training, to shift workers from pollution based companies to green and renewable energy technology jobs. Coupled with this we can and should end subsidies into these big pollution based companies and implement tighter environmental protections meeting or exceeding the ones currently being used by every nation of the Paris climate accord, except us.

I will post on more issues in the near future. Help me in making changes that our nation so desperately needs!

We Need to Increase the Federal Minimum Wage!

One of the keys to a successful economy is the ability for the lower and middle class to be able to save money and take vacations. However, in our society, today, the ability for this is not just unlikely, but almost impossible. Very few middle and lower class people or families are able to save even 20% of each pay check for vacations and retirement.

One of the many reasons I will be looking to increase the federal minimum wage is because it will prevent companies from shifting to different states in order to avoid higher wages, this is also why I will be trying to end tax loopholes preventing companies from shifting to different states simply to avoid taxes. The stability that these two moves will bring is something that hasn't been done since Reagan took office.

Looking at these two graphics you can see that our nation is not caring for it's people. With only 8 states in the nation requiring less than a 60 hour work week to afford a 1 bedroom apartment, and the majority of the states requiring 60-78 hours it seems most of the states want people working almost double a full time schedule! On top of that, there are 20 states that have a lower minimum wage than the national minimum wage which currently sits at $7.25 and has sat there since 2009 where it got it's last bump for $0.70 and the same bump the year before that. In fact the reason the federal minimum wage hasnt gone up is because of the recession. But the FED wants to increase interest rates as if the economy has recovered.

For too long our people have carried the burden of wall street recklessness. For too long our people have subsidized companies that dont pay their workers a living wage causing them to have to rely on social systems. For too long we have tried Reagan's trickle down economics and have NEVER seen it work. The experiment is done, and over. It is time to return to a system that has been proven to work, taxing the 1% and multi million dollar corporations over 50% and not allowing them to use any loopholes to avoid it.

We the people are the nation, not the big money interests that have paid and corrupted many of our representatives! This campaign is being run by the people. I am accepting no big money contributors, and all donations will and are coming from real every day working class people to whom I wish to serve. Support the campaign, fight for a living wage and fair representation in our government!

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