Michael W. Smith for Congress


Civil Rights

Equal rights for all should not be considered a partisan issue. There is no valid argument for denying civil rights and equality to anyone.



Equal rights for all should not be a radical statement. I will always fight for equality and will oppose anyone who seeks to infringe equal rights.

Hate Speech

I have seen so much hatred in the news and on social media. I have seen elected officials in my own state try to defend racists and bigots. We need to be an ally for all kinds of people.


The United States has the highest incarceration rate per capita. The wealthiest nation on Earth should be focused on justice, not for profit prisons.


Private Prisons

Private for profit prisons must be ended immediately. Ending for profit prisons is essential to reducing the horrendous number of incarcerated citizens that the US has.


Trust and relationships between police and the people they serve must be repaired. We have to integrate new training policies such as to not fire until fired upon, and tamper-proof body cameras to ensure safety.


Our economy hasn’t recovered since the recession of 2008. Jobs were created, but positions offering less pay and benefits is not a recovery.


Create An Environment For Growth

Closing tax loopholes and ending tax holidays, forcing big money to pay their fair share, and increasing taxes on the top 10% will encourage economic growth by creating incentive to pay workers better.

Equal Pay For Equal Work

Equality is an issue we should be able to take for granted. No one should be paid less than their co-workers due to their race, their gender, or any other metric besides performance and seniority.


With the growing debate over unemployment numbers, it is important to ensure not only that the accuracy of these numbers is correct, but that we have benefits available for those not working full time.


The EPA and other regulatory agencies are vital to our nation and its people. We cannot allow the cutting of agencies that regulate simply because big money refuses to adapt to growing knowledge.


All of our infrastructure needs to be repaired. Schools, water, roads, all of it. Paying into our infrastructure will create jobs and revitalize our nation.

Minimum Wage

The minimum wage has not seen a Federal increase since 2009, and that was a 70-cent increase.. To make up for this lack of annual increase we need a $14.25 per hour minimum wage.


Corporate taxes and income taxes on the top 10% have been reduced for the last 30 years. We need to end this destructive practice and require that the wealthiest of our nation pay their fair share.


Our job growth does not account for the fact that these jobs created since 2008 pay less and offer fewer benefits. We need to create a healthy middle class and bring the lower class out of poverty.


I believe that higher education should be a right and that we shouldn't burden our youth with insurmountable debt for an education.


Class Size

Our current class size limits are far too large. We have to make class sizes smaller to ensure that quality education is given to our nation's children.

Standardized Testing

I support standardized testing, we should be educating all of our nation's children to the same high level and preparing them for whatever college they choose to pursue.

Student Debt

I believe that higher education should be a right. That we shouldn't burden our youth with insurmountable debt for an education


I oppose any effort to take away funding from public schools. I also oppose any effort to fund private or religious schools.


Creating incentives for green and renewable energy and eliminating any fossil fuel subsidies will allow us to pioneer green energy, globally.



The use of coal, even clean coal, must stop. We must create programs to train coal workers for alternative jobs and supply supplemental income during training for the loss of income during the transition.

Renewable Energy

I believe any money our government puts into energy should go to green/renewable/sustainable energy. We should create incentives for new and existing energy companies to go green and end fossil fuel use.


America should be second to none in environmental protections. Policy and trade goals should not sacrifice our planet for competition.



Fracking is an unsafe and unhealthy practice and must be stopped at once.

Climate Change

Climate change is real and human activity is the number one cause. We must work to reform our energy industry to stop the havoc being created in the name of profit.

Government Reform

Our government needs to take money out of politics. We should not be allowing our elected officials to be beholden to anyone but the people.


Term Limits

Term limits for every branch and office of government must be put in place. Career politicians were not what our founding fathers envisioned.


Complete and total transparency in government is vital to the success of governing. We must not withhold information from the public except in cases of national security.


A single payer system is the answer to fighting increasing premiums charged by profit driven, as opposed to health driven, healthcare. Medicare for all.


Drug Prices

In pharmaceuticals we have seen more than enough reason to have a single payer system. Allowing private companies the ability to exploit the sick for profit has never and will never work fairly.

Drug Addiction

Opioid addiction is a serious issue in our nation. We should be working to limit substance addiction due to prescription medications and to providing treatment rather than incarceration for the afflicted.


A single payer system is the next step in healthcare reform. Medicare for all is what I will fight for, because the citizens of our nation should be guaranteed healthcare as a right.

Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana is a much needed medication for many suffering citizens and veterans of our nation. We should not be trying to end it, but to expand recreational marijuana nationwide.


Trumpcare is dead on arrival. Obamacare should remain in place and only be repealed for a single payer system: Medicare for all.


Investing in our infrastructure will create jobs, save lives, boost the economy, and increase the quality of life for all Americans.



With degrading water pipes and crises in several areas, a complete survey and updating of our water systems is not only good for the economy, but also for the welfare of our people.


Many of the roads in our nation are in disrepair. Investing in updating and maintaining these roads will bring quality jobs to our nation and stimulate the economy.


Cutting some of the bloated defense contractor spending will allow us to focus on increased pay for the men and women that risk their lives.


Military Budget

The military is a priority to me. However, my concern is for the service men and women. Any cuts that can be made in defense contractors should be made,  provided those cuts will not endanger our military.


Veterans should have lifelong healthcare, especially veterans who served in a time of war.


The moral test of government is how that government treats  children, the elderly, the sick, the needy, and the disabled.



Many of the jobs created since the 2008 recession are lower in pay and benefits than the jobs lost in the recession. Creating jobs must be measured by the quality of the jobs as much as the quantity.

Minimum Wage

In 2007, 2008, and 2009 the minimum wage saw a 70-cent increase and there has been no Federal increase since. My first goal will be to work on increasing the minimum wage to cover a 70-cent increase for every year missed to $14.25.

Living Wage

Minimum wage increases are implemented to combat increases in the costs of goods and services in the open market. A living wage is the goal of the minimum wage program.

Social Security

Social Security is not in danger and if we end the $118,000 cap on income, it will never be in danger.



Medicare for all is the path we should take; healthcare should be a right of the people. Living in the wealthiest nation in the world, it's not OK for people to die because they can't afford healthcare.


I support benefit expansion. Many people relying on Social Security are barely able to get by. Instead of cutting into Social Security, we should end the income cap.


Ronald Reagan is responsible for cutting our taxes to an unsustainable low rate on the wealthy. While it used to be 69%, Reagan lowered it to 28%.


Tax Fairness

Fixing tax loopholes that allow the top 10% to avoid paying their fair share must be completely identified and closed. Trickle down economics of granting the rich a tax break has proven to not work.

Lowering Taxes

Lowering taxes on the middle and lower class is essential. Americans are tired of shouldering the burden of corporate bailouts t mistakes. Lowering taxes on the bottom two brackets is just.

Eliminate The Loopholes

There are a great many loopholes that allow the top 10% to not pay their fair share; we need to end these loopholes in order to end the threat to any social program.

Income Tax

After closing tax loopholes and ending tax holidays, we have to implement two new tax brackets. One for incomes over $750,000 and one for incomes over one million dollars. We need to tax these at 50% and 60%, respectively.

Women's Rights

I am pro-choice. I feel we can find an absolute morally correct position that protects women's rights to their bodies and unborn children.


Pro Choice / Pro Life

I strongly stand by the woman's right to choose which is why I am a firm supporter of the Roe V Wade decision, and will vote against any bill which attempts to limit women's health services or access to their right to choose.

Planned Parenthood

I support Planned Parenthood and the services they provide. I am an ally of this women's health group. It is important that a woman has access to quality healthcare and screenings.