About Michael

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A Marine (97-05), and Army (06-12) veteran, running for Idaho's first congressional district.

Michael Smith was born September 12th, 1978. His single mother remarried when he was five years old, and he is now the second born of five. With four siblings, Michael experienced the struggles of the lower middle class. Hand-me-down clothes and shoes were just the start. Michael's step-father was an active duty Marine when he entered the family and he was a shining example of responsibility, compassion, and integrity.

After high school, Michael joined the Marine Corps in September 1997. After eight years serving in the Marine Corps during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, Michael left the military in 2005 with an honorable discharge, only to return in 2006 by enlisting in the U.S. Army. During his continued service, Michael was again involved in Operation Enduring Freedom, until 2012 when injuries prevented him from being able to re-enlist. He was honorably discharged, for what he thought would be his last time in the service of our government and its people.

There is no greater need than for our elected officials to not only understand what it is like to live in the lower and middle class, but to serve the interest of the people and our nation with compassion and integrity. It is for this reason that Michael is deciding to serve once again.