Michael W. Smith for Congress
Michael Smith for Congress

July 2017

If you aren’t interested at this point, you either aren’t a progressive or aren’t breathing.

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Key Issues



A single payer healthcare system is the path forward for America. With proper legislation, we can end the corporate profit motive that causes problems in our healthcare industry and regulate costs, stopping us from paying over ten times more than other nations.


The Economy

It is unfair to continue to place the burden of economic recovery on the working class. The last federal minimum wage increase was in 2009 and millions are in a worse position than they were a decade ago. We have to increase the minimum wage, nationally, to a living wage.


Tax Reform

Tax holidays, tax loopholes, corporate inversion, and many other practices have created a problem with our nation’s budget that has been unresolved for decades. In order to fix this problem, we have to end the practices that allow the top 1% to avoid paying their fair share.


Get Involved

For full time working Americans, it is impossible to keep up with the relentless assault on our nation by Trump and the Republican Congress. Let's take back the House and the Senate in 2018! Join us in the fight by volunteering or donating. It is only through our action that this assault on our country will end!


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Volunteer opportunities

Running a grassroots campaign relies on all of us to make a change in our government. The people contributing to this campaign are the ones making it all happen! We need you to volunteer!

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This campaign is completely funded by the people. Even a $5.00 monthly donation makes a huge difference! For the cost of a cup of coffee each month, you can change our nation for the better!